New Website Launched!

Check it out! A “real” website! Many many thanks to Shlomo Levin for all his help getting this built and set up.

You will notice that some pages are more complete than others. I have a lot of Artwork posted, and 13 illustrated Books are available now. Puzzles are still pending, so stay posted!

Have a Little Faith

The Music page features all the songs that accompany my newest book HAVE A LITTLE FAITH: POEMS AND LYRICS FOR MOTHERS AND OTHERS.  I am grateful  to Laura Rose for encouraging me to develop this project musically, and to Ari Missler, Mike Wyman, Bob Lynn, and digger Romano for helping to add additional vocals, guitars and drums. Special thanks to Steve Missler for his basswork and mixing skills.

Next Book

For my next book I will likely return to writing and illustrating for children. I am considering either a book of meditations, or another one based on song lyrics. Or perhaps something different. Meanwhile, I am plugging away at ENKIDU’S DRUM anad still hope to have it finished (or nearly so) by the end of the year.

I can’t wait for open mics to start up again, as well as art shows and book-related events such as signings, conferences, and book fairs! In the meantime, I have been bringing Alphabet Adventures, my arts-based Springboard program for teaching phonics, to kindergartners and preschoolers in the St. Louis Public Schools. I also offer tutoring in reading and writing skills to children and adults.

Spring is underway, and (with help from my sons and grandchildren) I am planting flowers in my front yard and veggies in the back. The inflatable pool was dormant last summer, but I plan to set it up again soon for the grandkiddos. I’m also looking forward to a family reunion in North Carolina in June with my aunt and uncle, Jayne and Bryan Bomberg, as well as my siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Ah, Summertime!