About Sandra

Born in St. Louis, Sandra Ure Griffin grew up in Webster Groves, MO. She moved to Kansas City in the 1970s, where she studied printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute. In the ’80s she lived in a log cabin in rural Missouri. That’s where her four sons were born, as well as her first picture book, EARTH CIRCLES. In the ’90s, back in St. Louis, Sandra developed PictureBookMaking, a writing and art program for young children. To date she has helped more than 2000 urban children make their own picture books! She has also held workshops for teachers so they could learn the PictureBookMaking process. Meanwhile she’s continued to develop her artwork and writing skills. Eventually her second and third books were accepted for publication: ONLY ONE WISH and BIG AND LITTLE ABC. Now she is self-publishing dozens of new books! Sandra’s creative work depicts our relationships to each other and our planet. She believes that our most important tasks are taking care of Mother Earth and learning to live peacefully with one another and hopes her art and writing can help us with these tasks.